Case Studies

Case Study – Sole Supply, Tupe

The challenge

This production company based in Luton went out to tender for their staffing requirements. They were particularly concerned about the transition process as they had a number of agency staff who had worked there for a considerable period of time. Being a unionized environment, it was even more critical that fairness was seen to be followed as well as ensuring that there was no effect on the productivity of the business. Once the contract had been awarded to Unique Employment, the incumbent agency refused to supply any more new staff. We were then given the challenge of supplying staff with none or minimal notice.

Our solution

Once we were awarded the contract, we worked closely with all levels of management to ensure we had an HR plan that would assist with the transition of the staff. We mapped out how long the transition would take and delivered it to the incumbent staff, who were kept informed of all developments at every stage.

  • Upon confirmation that this was a TUPE transfer, over a two-month period we managed to transfer all the workers under the same terms and conditions with no disruption to the
  • We also managed to fulfil all staffing requirements from the day the contract was awarded up to the official contract start date. Ensuring along the way that the incumbent staff were being fully informed with all developments.
  • Awarding the contract to a local independent was important to the client, who felt that the service greatly improved as a result of the commitment and professionalism shown by our Luton office.

Results & Benefits

Originally the contract was awarded for a 12-month term, but following a review after 9 months, this was extended to a further two years.

Case Study – Improved efficiencies through managed staffing

A flower distribution site in Lincolnshire relies on temporary staffing for approximately 60% of its workers. The production schedule is varied due to short term peaks and troughs. To remain competitive, they needed to reduce overheads and improve the sites efficiency rates. It was difficult for this client to improve quality due to high temporary staff turnover as this meant they were continually training new staff which had an adverse effect on efficiency levels.
This client decided to change their staffing supplier and selected Unique Employment with a view to improving quality, increasing productivity and significantly raising efficiencies.

Unique’s Solution

We established an on-site staffing partnership program, overhauled the recruitment process and implemented the following measures:

  • Set up training programs to train staff on all tasks in the production area – this gave our workforce greater flexibility and kept people more motivated.
  • Created an induction to help them understand the company and their role.
  • Implemented an attendance scheme to improve both punctuality and attendance levels.
  • Set up a new monitoring process which highlighted production errors immediately, this enabled us to retrain the staff culpable for errors.


  • Temporary staff turnover reduced from 48% per month to less than 5%
  • Reject rate reduced from 10% to 1%
  • Waste rate reduced from 8% to 5%
  • Plant efficiency raised from 89% to 98%

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