Ready for Black Friday

Luton team all ready for Black Friday.

Congratulations to Rob

Congratulations to Rob Tofte – Luton Branch Manager on his marriage all were invited to a fantastic reception party. Rob has taken a 4 week leave to go on his fantastic honeymoon to Borneo and we wish him and his wife all the best for the future.

Branch Chosen Charities

All branches have selected their chosen charities and all very worthwhile causes that we are proud to donate to. Each branch will be offering some help or assistance such as helping with some administration duties for the day, clearing up outside spaces, or anything where a few extra hands for the day will make a difference. Have a look at the Charity Page here on our website for more information on what good work is being done by these charities.

The 2nd development stage

The 2nd development stage of our updated website is coming along nicely with our developers. It will be exciting the see the launch in September and with a fresh new look and the added benefit of a ‘Live Chat’ function.

New Wellingborough Branch

Last month saw the grand opening event of the new Wellingborough branch in the town centre. They were honoured by the presence of the Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress of Wellingborough – Malcolm and Veronica Waters. The team are so excited about the future in their new location, being able to gain a bigger and diverse pool of candidates and look forward being able to help people in the community find work. Any business small or large get in touch with the branch for more information on how the branch can help you find the right candidate for your Company.

Unique Survey

To improve our candidate attraction Unique recently conducted a survey on Survey Monkey, the results have given us a greater understanding of where and how job seekers look for work.
Rob – Luton Branch Manager was pleased to award the £50.00 amazon voucher to one of our temps working in Luton – Adrian said ‘I was shocked to be working Rob came in and gave me the voucher, from all the names that completed the survey my name was picked out of the hat as being the lucky winner – I’ll definitely do these surveys again if it helps Unique find more work for people in Luton’