What’s been happening in October

01/10/19 – We were very pleased to be able to get so many of the team together from #wellingborough #spalding and #peterborough branches to show our support for Strictly Corby and Chris Maddison from Advanced Supply Chain at this fantastic charity event in aid of Lakelands Hospice!

04/10/19 – This week, after all of #Luton team’s hard work, we dropped off all this at the Food Bank! Great to catch up with Paul from the local centre too. https://www.facebook.com/uniqueluton/posts/537213013700184

08/10/19 – You can’t miss us now!

Our #Spalding branch has had a lovely new window completed with our Unique brand in full view for all to see. Come and meet the team and register for your next opportunity.

12/10/19 – So this happened at our #Spalding office.

16/10/19 – Be prepared for a few more selfies from the teams coming soon! Possibly not quite like these ones…

17/10/19 – Every one of our branches has been working to support tomorrow’s Anti-slavery Day. Our membership and continued adherence and promotion of the Stronger Together initiative means our clients and our staff know that we’re always working hard to combat #modernslavery.

18/10/19 – Today Area Manager Lina was at this highly informative event talking about all aspects of #ModernSlavery and how to prevent labour exploitation as part of Anti-Slavery Day. Thank you so much to the teams from Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire Safer Together for a powerful event.